There’s a reason why pizzeria operators prefer sticky note ads from NoteAds Advertising to box toppers, door hangers and window clings: Not only do the ads stand out with their four-color imprint, they also literally stick around the home until they’re used. Unlike refrigerator magnets, doorknob hangers or glued-on box toppers, these repositionable ads will restick on almost any household surface and can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of similar direct marketing tools.

Sticky notes ads are also portable, and the consumer will redeem the coupons more frequently than magnets or similar products, making their effectiveness more measurable. The coupon is precut and stuck in a visible place, increasing the likelihood that the customer will think about your restaurant when he’s hungry and redeem it.

Competition has driven manufacturers to find the best balance of a strong adhesive, low price and clean printing. The adhesive must hold to a variety of surfaces in different environments, but if it’s too strong, it limits the imprint areas, creates curling issues or tears the sheets when removed. 3M’s Super Sticky Note has tested best in our comparison studies, but it’s significantly more expensive than other brands. NoteAds uses several different manufacturers, including 3M, to produce its notes in order to meet its customers’ specific needs. “Our first question is not how many sticky notes they’re using, but how they are being used,” says John Grantham, president of NoteAds. “A sticky note ad placed on the front page of the newspaper requires a much different adhesive and configuration than a note used as a door hanger.”

Although NoteAds specializes almost exclusively in repositionable sticky notes, the company is also introducing a new product that complements the power of the sticky note ad. Full-color directional signs near the customer’s pizzeria can enhance the promotion that’s being advertised on the sticky note. A sign promoting your grand opening, an upcoming event or special offers can have the exact same graphics repeated on a temporary directional sign for very little money. While NoteAds also provides competitive prices on business cards, menus and other paper products, the directional signs are the company’s first new direct-marketing product that’s produced on a completely different medium. It will serve as a tool that reinforces and expands your sticky note campaign to drive additional sales.

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