A new double-adhesive technology makes NoteAds strong enough to be used on more surfaces as a repositionable “box topper” or “door hanger.” While the concept of using repositionable sticky note ads was popular from its introduction 15 years ago, this new technology allows shops to affordably and conveniently replace the taped or spot-glued boxtoppers. Also new is the ability to add perforation to the note, which allows the bottom portion to be used as a coupon, receipt or acknowledgment. They can be used as door hangers, direct mail “on-serts” and windshield leaflets. Best of all, unlike other direct marketing products, customers know Post-it Notes can be repositioned on the refrigerator, cupboard or wall as a reminder. Sticky note ads are the most versatile and affordable direct marketing tool available to the savvy pizza marketer.

The biggest challenge for many stores has been sourcing the right type of sticky note. Many have purchased notes and been disappointed with the less expensive alternatives. That’s why 3M Post-it Note designed the new Double Adhesive Notes.  

While the uses as a box topper and door hanger are obvious for current customers, many of the best results for gaining new customers have come from the controversial practice of “windshielding” in parking lots. The advantage to the pizza store owner is you can hit a lot more cars than houses in the same amount of time.

With NoteAds Advertising, you can get double the coverage. They are currently offering a two-for-one deal on their Standard Adhesive Notes. When you purchase one order of a quantity of 6,250 total notes, you’ll receive a second order of the same quantity for free!

As we all know in the pizza industry, time is money, and now there is the option to set your promotion in motion even faster. NoteAds Advertising recently started to offer a 24-hour production service for Full Color Post-it Notes. What’s even better than faster? It’s the fact that there is no additional charge for this service. This production service is available in the 3”x4” size as well as the 4”x6” size. This allows you to get your message printed on the most popular sizes and in your client’s hands in less than one week in some cases!

To learn more about how NoteAds Advertising can help you draw more traffic and increase your sales, visit noteads.com or call 800-309-7502.


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