NoteAds offers promotions that really stick


The use of sticky note ads keeps growing as pizzerias realize there is an adhesive strong enough to be used as a repositionable box topper or door hanger. Not only can sticky notes affordably and conveniently replace taped or spot-glued box toppers, they can also serve as door hangers, direct mail “on-serts” and windshield leaflets. And unlike other direct marketing products, a sticky note can be repositioned on the refrigerator, cupboard or wall as a reminder. Compared to magnets, they save even more money and have more versatility. With the proper adhesive, sticky note ads are the most versatile and affordable direct marketing tool available to the savvy pizza marketer!

“Windshielding” cars in a parking lot is one effective way to use sticky notes. You can hit a lot more cars than houses in the same amount of time, and, if they’re shopping at the neighborhood grocery store, they’re probably potential customers. Of course, some people may get irritated with a note on their driver’s side window, but it’s far worse to get into your car and then discover a flyer tucked under the windshield wiper. To remain in good standing with the lot’s owners, we recommend having your canvassing crew stay around to pick up any notes dropped on the ground by unappreciative drivers. To avoid interaction with drivers altogether, try canvassing parking lots during a big event like a concert or football game. There will be many cars without much traffic for an hour or two, and, with the right offer, the notes can bring many people into your pizzeria that same night!

Finally, keep distribution costs in mind. The collateral piece is relatively inexpensive and generally comes in easy-to-dispense 25-sheet pads; the key is getting the ad in front of the right people for a reasonable price. Distribution methods vary from application on the front page of newspapers (at an average cost of five to 10 cents per home) to paying employees an hourly rate to place the ads on your box tops, neighborhood front doors or car windshields.

You can also share the print cost with a co-sponsor, such as a landscaper, realtor or ice cream shop. Split the ad space with them by placing a coupon for each business on the note with perforations or dotted lines separating the offers. You can even distribute their coupons to your customers via your pizza boxes!

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