There’s a reason why thousands of pizzerias direct-mail menus to their local communities. “Direct mailing has a hugely successful track record,” says Gregg Linder, owner of King Kong Printing. “When prospective customers receive something tangible in their hands, they are going to react a lot quicker than something digital, which is easily looked over.” That isn’t to say that digital marketing has no value. The real problem is that many community pizzerias are not easily found online.

Connecting to customers in the mail helps you stand out next to more digital-savvy competition and offers a personal touch. “We can target certain demographics, saturate a neighborhood, or send a postcard if a customer hasn’t visited in a while so you can retain the customers you already have,” says Linder. “It’s all entirely scalable depending on your goals and your budget.” King Kong Printing will even advise you on how to bring the mail pieces to the post office yourself, if you’re looking for ways to cut costs.

Don’t know where to start? King Kong Printing offers one-on-one consulting to help you all the way from concept to delivery. With a full-service graphics department, marketing consultants and an endless array of promotional items to brand with your logo, King Kong Printing is your one-stop shop for bringing your marketing goals to fruition.  Their graphics team creates exclusive custom designs, so your logo will never look like anyone else’s.

King Kong Printing is able to offer you the highest quality, full-color printing for less because of buying power and a state-of-the-art print facility. “We’ve been in business since 1991, and during our growth we’ve been able to reduce our printing costs. We match the specific job to the right kind of press, so we can always get the best price,” says Linder. “If you can think it…we can ink it for less.

“Every business needs to advertise,” Linder says. “And mailing menus or postcards is a call to action and one of the most effective ways we’ve seen in our nearly 30 years in business.” Call King Kong Printing to find out how they can help you grow your business, whether it be through print, promotional items or even digital and social media marketing. King Kong Printing crushes the competition because they do it all. Call them today at 732-972-7716.


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