Thanks to Nic’s New York Pizza in Miami, a sun-splashed afternoon on the beach can be capped off with a slice of pizza that’s bigger than a newborn baby—lengthwise, that is.

Nic’s advertises itself as the “home of the 2-foot slice,” although the pizzeria will also serve you up a slice that stretches three feet.

Nic’s, located in North Miami, has become a social media favorite for foodie photogs, who shoot selfies with the gigantic slices and provide the pizzeria with free publicity. It’s the brainchild of Chef Nicola Bertolotti, described on the pizzeria’s website as a “second-generation Maestro Pizzaiolo from Calabria, Italy” who “crafted his techniques in New York-style pizza as a chef in Brooklyn and won #1 pizza in New York.”

As Burger Beast reported in 2017, Bertolotti has even advertised a 6’ pizza, although it’s actually two 3’ “slices” side by side on a wooden plank that stretches 6’.

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