Nick’s Pizza & Pub Lands $25k Grant

""On the verge of bankruptcy last fall, six-year-old Nick’s Pizza & Pub, a two-unit operation in Crystal Lake and Elgin, Illinois, has received of waves of local support in recent months— this time it’s in the form of a $25,000 small business grant.

The Pizzeria, known for a business model that raises money for community causes and charities, was awarded the grant from Intuit, Inc. after nearly 1,100 local citizen nominated the pizzeria. Last September, Owner Nick Sarillo sent an email to more than 16,000 people on his list of frequent customers detailing the company’s financial troubles and asked for community support to stay afloat. Sales rose by 50% the following day and continue to hold strong for the pizzeria. Sarillio says the community support combined with the grant have finally gotten the pizzeria out of the woods. “There seems to be more companies out there recognizing smaller businesses for doing the right thing,” he explains. “For us it’s encouraging for us to keep doing what we do. To be part of this community and continue to give back.”