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NFL Names Pizza Hut as New Sponsor

Just yesterday, Papa John's announced the mutual dissolution of the sponsorship agreement it had with the NFL.

Today, Pizza Hut has been named the official pizza sponsor of the NFL, according to an article on, which explained that Papa John’s said that they and the NFL mutually agreed to end the chain’s official sponsorship. The company will instead refocus its marketing efforts into the 22 NFL teams Papa John’s remains a sponsor of.

Pizza Hut, meanwhile, announced Wednesday that they are now the official sponsor of the NFL, which will begin with the 2018 NFL Draft.

“The opportunity to align in an official capacity with the NFL is a tremendous opening for a brand and product that is so neatly aligned with the football-watching occasion like pizza and Pizza Hut,” said Andy Rosen, Pizza Hut franchise owner and Franchise Board of Directors Chairman. “Our system is aligned behind and thrilled about this partnership. No one better understands the essence of Pizza Hut, including our consumers, than our group of owners and team members.”

Outside of John Schnatter's departure as CEO from Papa John's, many believe the sponsorship conclusion may be due to the bad press that resulted from Schnatter accusing the NFL of hurting pizza sales with national anthem protests.