Newly Launched Program can help Restaurants Increase Orders by up to 93%

Newly Launched Program can help Restaurants Increase Orders by up to 93%

nTouch Loyalty, a newly launched program by Silver Stream Marketing, is a complete marketing system that reduces customer turnover, increases average order value and encourages repeat business.

Kansas City, MO August 23, 2007 – Silver Stream Marketing ( announced today the launch of nTouch Loyalty (, a complete marketing system enabling restaurants, and retail businesses, to reduce customer turnover, increase average order value and encourage repeat business.

Historically, restaurants have avoided loyalty programs because of the perception that they are too expensive and too difficult to manage.  nTouch Loyalty removed the guesswork and offers a system that is both affordable and easy to manage.  The program has many automated direct marketing features and the rewards program manages itself.  Every time an nTouch gift and loyalty card is swiped, points are earned, value is stored and rewards are issued based on a determined criteria. Best of all, the entire program is customizable from the actual gift and loyalty card to the receipt that is printed every time a card is processed.    

nTouch Loyalty is now available after 3 years of research and development with marketing partner, Silver Stream Marketing. Their goal was to create a loyalty program that went beyond just transactions and rewards. Instead, their focus stems from what they believe to be the most important business asset: the customer database. With that in mind, they offer a turn-key system based on capturing customer information, building relationships with those customers through systematic email and direct mail communication and measuring results through key performance reports.  

The nTouch rewards program offers full flexibility for the business owner. It allows their customers to earn points and redeem rewards, based on visits or purchases, and set redemption levels how they see fit.  nTouch Loyalty is compatible with numerous credit card processing terminals, pos systems or can be used with an online virtual terminal.    

Monty Lockyear, President of Silver Stream Marketing, had this to say about nTouch Loyalty: “Reward programs and loyalty marketing are no longer just for airlines and large corporations.  Many notable restaurant chains have had great success including one that posted a 93% increase in incremental orders among loyalty club members.  Our goal is to bring that same success to independent restaurant operators, mid-size restaurant chains and a variety of retail establishments. If one restaurant can achieve that kind of success as a testing sample we know it can work for others.”

nTouch asks businesses three questions:

  1. Do you capture information on the customers that visit your business?
  2. Do you communicate directly with your customers and give them a reason to come back?
  3. Do you measure all of your marketing activities

A loyalty marketing program from nTouch allows businesses to answer “yes” to all three questions. nTouch Loyalty also offers every client a free membership to ( with unlimited access to marketing tools, business resources and national account pricing on everyday business services.  Non-restaurant clients receive a free membership to ( featuring many of the same marketing tools but geared toward businesses such as spas, health clubs, drycleaners, salons and auto service centers.

About nTouch Loyalty

nTouch Loyalty is a fully integrated marketing system featuring a robust gift and loyalty card program, database management, automated marketing tools, custom marketing collateral and key performance reporting. nTouch Loyalty is owned by Lockyear Holdings, LLC and exclusively marketed by Silver Stream Marketing, both based in Kansas City, Missouri.


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