According to a report from, “A Chicago-area man who operates a brewery in his garage has experienced a breakthrough in “culinary brewing” — the creation of pizza beer.”

The article said, “Tom Seefurth said his pizza brew, which one Aurora, Ill., restaurant now serves as Mamma Mia Pizza Beer, contains tomatoes, garlic, basil and oregano, giving it a taste and smell reminiscent of its solid-food namesake, the Chicago Tribune reported Monday.”

Seefurth said in the article that his “experiments in “culinary brewing” also led to the development of salsa beer, curry beer and even oatmeal raisin cookie beer. He said his largest obstacle in getting people to drink his creations is convincing them not to prejudge.”

“The pizza beer is not for the Saturday night bowling alley,” Seefurth said in the report. “But it will appeal to a wide range of people if they keep an open mind.”

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