According to the New York Times, “New York’s pizza moment is stretching into a pizza era. The wood-burning ovens and rock-star pizzaioli that seemed exotic not long ago are becoming familiar. A blistered, bubbling 12-inch Naples-style pizza, once a hard-to-find pleasure, is almost routine.

“Three new pizzerias add to the abundance. They might not seem to have much in common, but they all follow the same playbook: focus on pizza and keep the prices down so nobody will care if you punt on the salads, side dishes and desserts.”

“The most ambitious newcomer is Olio Pizza e Più, 3 Greenwich Avenue (Sixth Avenue), Greenwich Village, (212) 243-6546, This large restaurant has the generic feeling of an Olive Garden, although the sidewalk tables have successfully colonized what was a grim stretch of Greenwich Avenue. Now there’s a Mediterranean liveliness to the street, never mind the M10 buses waiting for the light to change.”

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