New York Water From Your Tap?

We've heard it a hundred times. "New York pizza tastes great because of the New York water."

We've also heard tales of pizzeria operators shipping in gallons of New York water to their pizzerias in order to get that "New York taste." 

Now, a New Jersey company has created a filtration system that is promising to provide New York quality water when you turn on your faucet, according to an article in the New York Post.

According to the company website, The New York WaterMaker system is a patent-pending water source replication system that not only functions as a commercial water filter, but also replicates the exact hardness, molecular structure, and chemical composition of a specific location’s water, with a key focus on replicating NYC’s water.​ The replication isn't limited to New York, either. If you want San Francisco sourdough, the site says you can replicate the water composition from any geographic area.

What's your take? Is it really all about the water?