New York is the city that never sleeps and a new Gotham pizzeria offers a "secret" cocktail lounge that stays open until 4 a.m.

The new York Post says Visana & Pisa Pizza launches September 9 as a 400-square-foot, counter-style pizza parlor featuring craft cocktails and organic juice. The late-night pizza and cocktail destination reverses the usual trend of drinkers hitting their favorite pizza joint to soak up alcohol after a heavy night of boozing. In the case of Visana & Pisa, healthy options and an environmentally friendly site are blended with the liquor. Features include a gluten-free walk-up take-out window, furnishings built with non-toxic materials, filtered water, purified air, an essential oils dispenser and wallpaper that changes design and lighting to the pulsating rhythms of the house music. Located at 321 First Ave. at 18th Street in the Big Apple, Visana & Pisa offers cutting-edge cocktails accessed via a hidden door in the back of the pizzeria.  

Read about the perfect pour of pizza deliciousness and late-night thirst-quenching. 

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