November is closing in and pizza makers around the world are tweaking their recipes in anticipation of the America's Plate Competition at the New York Pizza Show. This year we have at least eight counties who are sending their best pizziolo to New York City in November to try and snag the America's Plate from Team Australia who won last year. So far, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, Canada, Switzerland, Spain and the U.S. are participating and other countries are scrambling to get a sanctioned event so they can send a contestant to compete in this invitation-only event.

The U.S. isn't scrambling because there are already several sanctioned events where contestants can earn the chance to represent Team America. The way you can earn a chance to represent the U.S. is to win a sanctioned competition, which will give you a spot in the American Pizza Championships, also held at the New York Pizza Show. Contestants who win their way here compete against each other for the title of best in the U.S. and then advance to the America's Plate competition.

If you would like to learn more about how you can earn a spot in the American Pizza Championships, see the dates below for the Roma & Restaurant Alliance Road to Italy pizza competitions. Roma and Restaurant Alliance are sponsoring four sanctioned events where contestants can earn a trip to the New York Pizza Show and a spot in the championships. You can earn a trip to New York, a spot on the U.S. Pizza Team and a free trip to Italy. So what are you waiting for? Give them a call to get the details and to get registration information for the Roma and Restaurant Alliance Road to Italy competitions and also be sure to ask about other promotions at the Anaheim division where you can earn free trips to Italy by purchasing select Roma products. Remember November! We'll see you there.

Roma Road to Italy Competition Sites and Dates

Houston, Texas
Friday, July 22nd
JW Marriot at the Galleria
Contact: Adrian Hembree at
713-896-4200� EXT. 576

Anaheim, California
Tuesday, September 20th
The Queen Mary
Contact: Monty Lockyear at

Denver, Colorado
Monday August 8

Houston Texas

October 8th and 9th
At the Festa Italia

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