New York City Spends $2 Million on Dinner Pay For Workers Who Stay Late

According to the New York Daily News, “The city plans to dish out $2 million on dinner for city workers who stay late during the next two years, budget documents show.

“The so-called ‘supper money’ kicks in after two hours of overtime for all unionized civilian workers, except teachers, under a little-known agreement that left many veterans scratching their head. ‘I’ve heard of it but not in city government,’ said one longtime city employee. Half of the funds are set aside for Emergency Service Unit technicians who are entitled to one meal allowance – $8.25 – a shift because they aren’t allowed to stop for lunch. ‘You don’t want to take them out of service and say, ‘We aren’t going to take that heart attack run because we are going to have a hamburger,'” said city Labor Commissioner Jim Hanley. Nearly $140,000 is expected to be spent by the Administration for Children’s Services this year, and the Civilian Compliant Review Board is budgeted for $35,000. ACS child protective workers are often required to stay late, officials said.”

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