New Website Helps Businesses Use Birthdays As New Customer Generator

(San Antonio, Texas)  – A newly launched website is using consumers’ birthdays to create new revenue and customers for business owners across the United States. is a unique new way for businesses to prosper while offering free gifts to drive new customers in the door – a win-win for business owners and consumers alike.

Business owners benefit in three ways. #1: The Birthday Register allows businesses to attract new customers by offering gift certificates to people who register their birthday securely online. #2: pays businesses to tell people how to register for these free gift certificates. #3: pays businesses to tell other merchants how to get new customers through birthdays.

Consumers simply go to the site – – and spend only a few minutes registering their birthday and selecting 5 free gifts, no purchase necessary. (The patent pending BirthdayRegister DOES NOT share registrants’ information with third party sources and all online info is secure.) 

It’s the way the gifts are selected that makes this work so well for merchants says founder Bob Woolard.
“A registrant chooses their gifts by category like Restaurants/Steak House. Now we know the consumer likes steak restaurants. Steak restaurant owners want to be the one to give the gift because that gets new customers in the door with a gesture of goodwill,” says Woolard. It works that way for every merchant category.

Two weeks before the birthday, sends out the free gift certificates. Consumers simply present the certificate along with a valid birth date identification such as a driver’s license. “Consumers enjoy this special birthday gesture and merchants enjoy getting new customers in the door,” says Woolard, “and enjoys being the vehicle that drives it all.” Birthday registrants enjoy such gifts as a free dinner, a free round of golf, free oil change,
free toys, free movies, everything is free.

Businesses can license this concept, tell their customers and prospects how they can get free birthday gifts, and when the first certificate is sent, the business makes 25 cents. Woolard says, “It’s not hard for them to make more money than the service costs, so they can end up getting paid to give free gifts and get new customers, year after year.” 

Business owners can also make a royalty on other merchants by simply referring other business owners to Every time the referred merchant has their certificate sent to a birthday registrant, the referring business makes another 25 cents. This can add up to a substantial revenue stream with just a few merchants. 

Woolard says the site has the potential to be a part of millions and millions of birthdays in the months ahead. ” So far the numbers show an average age of 34 years old and 70% are women. With no long term contract, and a small setup deposit to get started, it truly is a win-win for all sides.”

For more information or to take part, email or go to