New-Wave Pizzas Grow Popularity in Detroit

According to the Detroit Free Press, “It takes Dave Mancini only minutes to turn a mound of his soft, impossibly wet dough into one of Detroit’s best pizza crusts — a thin, irregular, 18-inch beauty with great flavor and crisp but wonderfully chewy edges.”

“Working in the small, bare-bones kitchen of his Supino Pizzeria in Eastern Market, he mixes the dough fresh daily in small batches; makes his sauce in-house; shops for the best tomatoes, herbs and other toppings, and hand-forms every pie that goes into the massive stone-lined oven. The results are so wonderful that customers drive in from the suburbs to have yet another Supino pie. Spread with his deceptively simple tomato sauce — or left bare, as a white pizza — and topped with ingredients that range from ricotta cheese and smoked prosciutto to roasted asparagus, thinly sliced potatoes and sunny-side eggs, Mancino’s pizzas are a blend of true Italian and new American styles.”

“He’s one of the best in the new wave of pizza makers who’ve emerged in metro Detroit over the past several years — and especially in the last two — to bring a lighter, more healthful style and more contemporary approach to a city whose tastes have run to thicker, heavier pies.The trend, of course, began in California in the early ’80s, but it wasn’t until this decade that it began gaining traction here,” the story said.