According to Technomic’s 2014 Sandwich Consumer Trend Report, only 43% of the 1,500 U.S. consumers surveyed are satisfied with the healthfulness of sandwiches away from home. This creates a real opportunity for foodservice operators to capture additional entrée sales, especially at the top two sandwich-eating dayparts of lunch and dinner. Consumers are specifically asking for better-for-you sandwich options, including ingredients that are higher quality, natural and gluten-free. The Technomic report comes on the heels of National Restaurant Association’s 2014 What’s Hot Culinary Forecast which also cited gluten-free cuisine as a top five trend.

To meet consumers' demand for healthful sandwich options, turkey is increasingly taking center stage as the go-to protein choice. Butterball Foodservice offers a full line of gluten-free Deli Turkey Breasts to help chefs and operators boost incremental sales. Low in fat, calories and cholesterol, turkey breast is extremely versatile and offers a healthier and less expensive alternative to other proteins like pork and beef.

Consider these Butterball Deli Turkey Breast products to help create more options for health-conscious diners:

·         Just Perfect™ Handcrafted Peppered Turkey Breast—Lightly seasoned and rubbed with pepper, it's great for zesty sandwiches.

·         Just Perfect™ Smoked Turkey Breast—A true patron pleaser, this product is low in fat and hickory smoked for a great taste that is unforgettable.

·         Deluxe Browned In Oil Turkey Breast—A top choice for sandwiches and salads, this skinless turkey breast is braised in oil full of flavor.

·         Carolina Turkey Classic Oven Roasted Turkey Breast—Perfect for slicing, this fully cooked, oven fresh product is consistently moist and delicious.

Butterball products fit perfectly on foodservice menus—whether for table use or on-the-go offerings. Try these recipe ideas that use turkey to create healthful sandwich offerings: Breakfast Turkey Sausage Croissant, Zesty Turkey Ciabatta Sandwich with Mango SalsaTangy Asian BBQ Wrap and Pressato. For a complete gluten-free meal option, try pairing turkey breast with an assortment of grilled vegetables and wrap with lettuce instead of bread.

“Butterball's Deli Turkey Breasts are gluten-free and available in a range of delicious, on-trend varieties to help chefs further elevate and differentiate their sandwich offerings. You’ll appreciate the versatility and back-of-house ease, and patrons will look forward to trying all of your new, flavorful menu options,” said Tony Seta, Corporate Chef Butterball Foodservice.

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