T. Marzetti Foodservice, a division of T. Marzetti Company, recently released Sweet & Bold Barbecue Sauce as part of their new sauce branding, Bold Blends.

Available now in 4/1 gallons and in 72/2 oz. cups beginning in April, Sweet & Bold Barbecue Sauce delivers high-quality barbecue flavor at a value. 

Not only does Sweet & Bold Barbecue Sauce address consumer demand for barbecue flavor as a category, it also takes the specifics of that flavor into account. Research from two separate Technomic trend reports notes that the fastest-growing barbecue sauce flavor on menus is sweet and tangy barbecue sauce, and that 42% of consumers want more sauces featuring a combination of flavors.

“Here at T. Marzetti Foodservice, we keep a close eye on the latest foodservice trends while remaining committed to high-quality products and simple, delicious flavors,” says director of brand marketing Lee Halmagy. “Our new Bold Blends brand is built on these principles, and we’re excited that we can offer it at a cost that favors operators’ bottom lines.”

Barbecue sauce is a versatile back-of-house staple used across menu items and day parts. To learn more about the new Sweet & Bold Barbecue Sauce from T. Marzetti Foodservice, click here.



T. Marzetti Foodservice has been dedicated to dressing up menus for over 100 years. Serving restaurants from regional chains to independent pizzerias, Marzetti delivers house favorite brands, including Sister Schubert’s, New York Bakery, Flatout and Marzetti Frozen Pasta. Count on T. Marzetti Foodservice for quality sauces, dressings, pasta and breads, along with innovative ideas to set your menu apart.


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