New Social Media Website Launched for Sharing and Rating Frozen Pizza Recipes

OAKBROOK TERRACE, Ill., April 15 /PRNewswire/ — Frozen pizzas — once the quick dinner of last resort — have increasingly become gourmet items, with new premium lines being added to store shelves each year. Chicago-based Home Run Inn Pizza has led this movement with its pizzeria-born creations. While making pizzas that are great right out of the box has been the key to Home Run Inn’s success (they are the top frozen pizza brand in the Chicago market), they learned quickly that pizza fans were customizing Home Run Inn frozen pizzas to suit their tastes, needs and whims.

“We began to gather recipes and publish some of the best,” said Gina Bolger, Home Run Inn’s Director of Marketing. “Many were really creative, fun and really, really tasty. We knew that there had to be many more great recipes out there for people to share.”

Based on that idea, Home Run Inn hired Oakbrook Terrace-based Xeno Media to design and develop an all-new, fully-custom social media platform for fans to share and rate recipes online. Dozens of recipes, including gourmet specialties such as Creamy Alfredo Chicken Pizza and the “Kid Approved” Mona Lizza Pizza, have been submitted to

“Home Run Inn does a great job with social media overall,” said Xeno Media Principal Kevin Munday. “They have over 13,000 fans on Facebook and hundreds of followers on Twitter. Most importantly, they use these tools to really engage their best customers. We developed to enhance and complement those efforts, within a fully-custom environment.”

Xeno Media developed using Drupal — a top open-source content management framework.

“Drupal has become a top-tier choice for social media and Web content management. Its vibrant developer community allows us to create cost-effective, fully-custom solutions from its broad module base,” said Munday. “Hundreds of developers from around the world contribute great work to the Drupal project. This vibrancy really makes Drupal cutting edge.”

“Home Run Inn has always been a leader and innovator. This new site is just the latest example,” Munday added.