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New Pizza Place Goes Green, Including Recycled Boxes

""According to Tampa Bay Online, “Pizza Fusion is the kind of place Al Gore would go for a slice.”

“The restaurant uses wind power for electricity, shredded blue jeans for wall insulation and delivers pizzas with a fleet of Toyota Priuses, electric scooters and bicycles. Pizzas are hand made with all-organic ingredients. Even the shape of the pizza makes a statement, they’re oval, and customers get a discount for returning their used pizza boxes for recycling. Now the small, but fast-growing Fort Lauderdale-based chain is opening a location in South Tampa. Motto: “Saving the Earth, One Pizza At A Time.” By November, the chain will sign a lease and begin construction, hopefully opening in February or March, said Dave Burton, owner of the location. Likely it will be close to Dale Mabry and Bayshore Boulevard so drivers have easy access to deliver and there is good traffic for lunch and dinner, he said.”

“‘South Tampa is a great fit for us,’ Burton said. ‘Great demographics, close to downtown, Tampa General and other places where people shop for organic products.'”

Building pizza

“There’s plenty of company lately in Tampa’s pizza market. Recently opened: Pizzaiolo Bavaro in downtown Tampa, The Mellow Mushroom (“We’re weird and proud of it,”) Marco’s Pizza, Paci’s Pizza and Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza to name a few.”

“For aficionados of all things green and eco-friendly, there’s a lot to admire at Pizza Fusion. Each location is LEED certified, meaning they pass a stringent test for impact on the environment, sourcing of building materials and energy efficiency. Seat cushions, for instance, are made with biodegradable latex instead of petroleum-based foam. “Spudware” serving utensils are made from potato starch. Don’t be surprised to find re-used or recycled furniture in the stores, like old church pews, furniture from bowling alleys or school gymnasium flooring. As for the pizza, the concept is a step up on the gourmet scale from other chains, with organic tomato sauce, pan roasted steak, free range chicken, organic Portobello mushrooms, soy cheese and other options. (Gluten-free crust available.) No artificial sweeteners, pesticides, preservatives or hormones. Average price $17,” the story said.