New Paper Bags Bring Fresh Pizza Outside the Box

Special Hot N Crispy Bag designed for pizza will be a big attraction at the National Restaurant Association Trade Show this week. An innovative paper bag from Duro Bag Manufacturing Company saves pizza parlor storage space and money. Even better, it keeps pizza and other foods hot, crispy and fresh.

(PRWEB) May 18, 2007 — Special Hot N Crispy Bag designed for pizza will be a big attraction at the National Restaurant Association Trade Show in Chicago this week.

Will the next pizza you order come delivered in a paper bag instead of a box? Charles Shor, president and CEO of Duro Bag Manufacturing Company ( is betting on it.

For years, pizza has been delivered or picked up in a thin paperboard box. Often, the steam from the pizza would make the contents soggy, but it was pretty much the only choice. Now there is another, better choice.

The Duro Hot N Crispy Food Bag is made of heat retaining paper. Perfect for packaging hot quesadillas, hot flat breads or tasty pizzas, this bag is easy to fold up and seal and completely microwaveable for leftovers. An insert keeps the contents from getting crushed. Hot N Crispy bags can also help restaurants also take up less storage space than bulky boxes.

Duro Bag’s “Hot N Crispy” bag is a very uniquely structured and layered paper bag that allows steam to escape while keeping the food item inside hot and tasty with no grease migration. A trademarked design, it is food-contact approved and fully biodegradable. Hot N Crispy bags can be customized with a customers design in up to 6 vivid colors with 100% print coverage. Sized in small, medium and large versions, the Hot N Crispy Food Bag can be produced using Kraft, White, Claycoat, and Grease /Oil Resistant papers. Duro will be demonstrating this spiffy new bag this year at the National Restaurant Association trade show.

“Innovation and attention to the needs of our customers is what has helped make Duro the largest manufacturer of paper bags in the world.”

The Hot N Crispy paper bag is just one of a number of new and innovative products that will be on display at the Duro booth at the National Restaurant Association Trade Show. This year, the Designer Division is featuring two new products: Duro’s Wave Top shopping bag and the Kraft Crepe Collection stock bag program.

Duro Bag’s Wave Top shopping bag features a fresh alternative to conventional bags with a flowing “wave-like” cut-off. Supplied in all standard substrates in an 8″ x 4.5″ x 10″ size, the Wave Top also comes with a variety of hand-inserted handle options.

The Kraft Crepe collection stock program uses an 80# “crepe-like” (wrinkled and crinkled) substrate for shopping bag production stocked in 3 popular sizes: Tempo, Tote and Towner. The Crepe bags are perfect for stores, restaurants, or food shops who want to convey a hip, creative or “distressed” packaging option.

Along with all the innovative new products, the traditional fare will be displayed at the show as well. As the world’s largest manufacturer of paper bags, Duro provides paper bag supplies for food service and retail shopping tasks of almost every description. The specialty food service bags being displayed this weekend are just a tiny fraction of the paper bags available. Much of the catalog is also online at

About Duro Paper Bag Manufacturing, Company.
Founded in 1953, Duro Bag is the largest manufacturer of paper bags in the world. A family owned company, with Charles Shor as President and CEO, Duro is based in Ludlow, Kentucky. Duro has 12 plants manufacturing bags in the United States and Mexico. Producing over 20 billion environmentally friendly paper bags per year, Duro supplies most of the largest grocery and retail chains with a wide variety of wholesale paper bag products. For more information, visit