New NEMCO Tomato Slicer II Features Cartridge Blade Set

New NEMCO Tomato Slicer II Features Cartridge Blade Set

HICKSVILLE, OHIO—A mainstay in foodservice establishments for its labor- and space-saving advantages, the NEMCO™ Easy Tomato Slicer now features a disposable pretensioned blade cartridge that maximizes safety, blade life and speed of replacement.

Listed as the Easy Tomato Slicer II, NEMCO’s new cartridge design evolution makes changing the blades a quicker and much more user-friendly task. Now with the ability to pop the cutting blades in and out as a single cartridge set, kitchen employees no longer have to tighten or align the blades. This saves time, minimizes operator exposure to the blades and better ensures a consistent, quality cut.

Because the cartridge set maintains proper blade tension, it also prevents misalignment that can cause the pusher to make contact with and nick or damage the blades over time.

Commercial-grade aluminum construction, ergonomic actuation with safety guards and a high-density polyethylene cutting board treated with Microban® to prevent microbial growth are other highlight features carried over from the original Easy Tomato Slicer.

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