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New Low Cost Guest WiFi Wireless Internet Products for Restaurants

""Miami, FL — September 2009 – Many restaurants and lodging businesses offer wireless WiFi Internet for guests. However most use residential wireless products that have an open connection to the Internet and provide no protection for the business computers and credit card processing information in the POS system.

Guest Internet Solutions has launched new wireless products for Restaurants and Lodging businesses that are very easy to install. A software wizard has a login page generation feature that the restaurant or lodging business uses to brand the service. The login page can also show advertisements.

All Guest Internet wireless products have features that prevent guests abusing the Internet service. A speed-limiter sets the data speed to prevent guests downloading music or movies that slow the Internet service for everyone. The speed control feature also means that the guest Internet service can use a lower cost DSL connection. The software has a feature for free access where the guest is disconnected after a time chosen at installation, which is a great feature for coffee bars that offer free Internet. In addition the wireless products prevent guests connecting to computers in the business network to ensure PCI compliance. Computer networks that have residential or commercial wireless access products for guest access are not PCI compliant as any user can connect to the POS or other computers that are used for credit card processing. All Guest Internet wireless products also include a login page disclaimer file that can be modified and is essential to provide legal protection for the business owner.

Guest Internet wireless products can also be installed when the restaurant or lodging business wishes to charge for Internet access. All Guest Internet products can generate access codes for sale to guests. Alternatively the business can sell scratch cards to guests. The scratch card is identical to a long distance calling card where the code is recognized by the wireless unit.

A software upgrade feature is also available for all Guest Internet products, which provides an advanced billing service with credit card processing. Other advanced features include comprehensive usage reporting, failure monitoring, and remote management. All Guest Internet wireless products are extremely durable and designed for commercial applications.

Guest Internet Solutions ( is a business unit of Fire4 Systems Inc. Fire4 has been providing wireless and wired guest Internet management systems for the hospitality industry since 2005.

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