The new line of Easy Gourmet™ Raw Breast Fillets from Brakebush Brothers provides a solution for every operator need.  The line includes three varieties of raw breast fillet options:

·         Easy Gourmet™ Natural

·         Easy Gourmet™ Easy Prep™

·         Easy Gourmet™ Just Chicken™

Easy Gourmet™ Natural premium raw breast fillets incorporate only natural ingredients and are lightly marinated for optimal tenderness and specially formulated to cook evenly and quickly.

Easy Gourmet™ Easy Prep™ raw breast fillet is a workhorse item that delivers consistent quality, even cook levels and optimal prep time.

Easy Gourmet™ Just Chicken™ raw breast fillets are an excellent option for the cost-conscious operator.  Specially formulated to cook evenly and quickly, these breast filets are consistent and reliable.

To find out more or request a sample, contact Brakebush at 800-933-2121 or visit

About the Brakebush Company

Brakebush started its business in 1925 and today still thrives on the solid, innovative spirit of its founders.  Brakebush offers a wide variety of further processed and raw IQF chicken products to foodservice establishments nationally. For additional information, visit

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