(Press Release) Melrose Park, IL, March 21,2013 – Among the many popular product introductions for American Metalcraft in 2013 are these Forever Lids for spice, cheese, salt & pepper shakers. Manufactured locally in the U.S.A., they are a great addition to American Metalcraft's existing line of shakers and tops.

Forever Lids are manufactured from FDA-approved food-grade polypropylene and are BPA-free. They won't rust, dent or corrode and can virtually last forever! Lots of different colors including white, red, green, and black are available in slotted and perforated styles that fit 6, 8 and 12 oz. cheese and spice shakers. Blue, burgundy, gray, yellow, and orange lids are also available in a 6 and 8 oz. perforated style. American Metalcraft is also offering white and black salt & pepper Forever Lids to fit 2 oz. shakers.

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