New Kitchen Gadget Makes Meat Flattening Easy

Closter, New Jersey — Robert Limmer. President of Pound-It-Out LLC announces the introduction of Pound-It-Out , The Incredible Meat Flattening Device. Limmer, the inventor of the patent pending device, intends to introduce the product at the upcoming Gourmet Housewares Show in LasVegas, May 6-8, 2008

The device makes the process of producing uniformly flattened meat a simple and efficient task, says Limmer and he adds that it is very cost effective when compared to the common practice of using plastic wrap or bags.

Made of high strength, unbreakable polypropylene, the device is sturdy as well as sanitary, cleaning up easily with soap and water or in the dishwasher.

Limmer says, “I own 6 different styles of meat mallets, yet, when a recipe called for flattened meat or poultry, I was reluctant to proceed as the use of plastic wrap or bags simply didn’t thrill me, especially if I was preparing for a big group. I conceived the idea for Pound-It-Out out of this frustration and found my early prototype to be extremely functional. With that confidence I proceeded to develop and produce the version we are introducing to the Kitchen Accessory Market.”

“Our target market is the home chef who currently owns a meat mallet”, says Limmer. These cooking enthusiasts will appreciate the functionality as well as the results that they will achieve with Pound-It-Out{r}, The Incredible Meat Flattening Device. We took great care in designing a label that conveys the ease of use and are providing a Point of Sale display box for counter display as well as a built in hook for hanging. “I believe that our product will be received enthusiastically by retailers and consumers alike”,
says Limmer

Contact Information:
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Pound-It-Out LLC
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