New “Halo” POS Offers $10,000 Cash for Best You Tube Video

You may be interested to know that Vivonet is sponsoring the “I hate my POS” promotion in which frustrated retailers destroy their point-of-sale machines in creative ways and post videos of their destructive “rampages” videos on A cash prize of $10,000 will be awarded to the retailer with the most popular video. To view a video and read the contest rules, visit this link:
Vivonet’s web-based Halo point-of-sale system offers:
 – Transparent, competitive pricing
 – Real-time tracking of actual hours worked by employees, enabling business owners to better control labor costs
 – Critical business management data like effects of cost-of-goods and discounts and coupons on profit margins
 – On-demand enterprise management
 – Payment processing
 – Performance benchmarking, like the ability to aggregate the transaction data created by customers, allowing customers to benchmark their  performance against other users and the industry at large
Ryan Volberg, CEO of Vivonet says, “Halo defines what a Point-of-Sale (POS) system should do; make your life easier. For years, the growing trend in the POS industry has been to do the exact opposite. Business owners have grown accustomed to an industry plagued with high prices, poor service, and unnecessary complexity. Halo is the alternative. As the leader in secure web-based POS, Halo gives you the tools, information and knowledge you need in order to be more successful with the added benefits and convenience of a web-based system – all for 50% less than traditional POS. Halo is more than just another POS system, it is a venue and forum for businesses to learn and grow. Halo is available in the hospitality market and will be available in retail in the spring.”