New Gluten Free Pizza option in Atlanta – Buckhead Pizza Company

According to a report on, “Buckhead Pizza Company now offers gluten-free pizza crust to all customers, at no extra charge.”

“Because their toppings are fresh, and even the house salad dressings are hand-prepared in the kitchen, customers can easily customize orders to ensure that the meals meet their specific needs. The pizza crust is gluten-free, however it does include egg and soy ingredients, for those who are sensitive to those allergens.”

“The kitchen staff and all managers have been trained on cross-contamination and preparation of gluten-free foods. The gluten-free pizzas never touch the stone. They have their own individual trays that travel from the oven to the table. Please note that the Buckhead Pizza Company’s menu has not yet been updated to reflect this change, and if you have any questions or concerns regarding the toppings or preparation, please request to speak with a manager,” the story said.