NEW from BelGioioso Cheese: Unwrap & Roll

(Denmark, WI) Chefs attending the recent national convention of the American Culinary Federation (ACF) in Las Vegas, Nev., were first in the foodservice industry to experience the latest innovation from BelGioioso Cheese, Inc.: Unwrap & Roll(TM) Fresh Mozzarella.

Unwrap & Roll capitalizes on the driving trend in foodservice to create simple, distinctive dishes with the freshest ingredients.  Made from BelGioioso’s award-winning Fresh Mozzarella formed into a thin, ready-to-use sheet, now chefs, garde-manger cooks, caterers and deli personnel can create signature items that are ideal for salads, appetizers and entrée components, as well as hors d’oeuvres.  Simply unwrap the rolled Fresh Mozzarella and layer with your choice of ingredients – pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, cured meats, fresh herbs, grilled vegetables – the choices are virtually limitless.  Then slice and plate, for a unique, flavorful menu offering that takes only minutes to prepare, with minimal skill.

BelGioioso introduced Unwrap & Roll to more than 1,300 culinarians at ACF’s

2008 national meeting at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, July 15-16.  Based in St. Augustine, Fla., ACF is the largest organization of professional cooks in the Western Hemisphere.

“We discovered a desire among chefs and foodservice operators to enhance their menus with signature items that capitalize on the fresh flavor of Mozzarella,” said Errico Aurrichio, founder and president of BelGioioso Cheese.  “In addition to all the ways that Fresh Mozzarella contributes to a menu, Unwrap & Roll allows the combination of our Fresh Mozzarella with any fresh ingredients, greatly increasing the number of flavorful, one-of-a-kind applications.”

Unwrap & Roll Fresh Mozzarella—in 12-oz. packages packed eight to a case— is made with fresh Wisconsin cow’s milk that is used only a few hours after milking.  This freshness helps create a mild, milky-flavored cheese with a soft, almost creamy texture.  BelGioioso Unwrap & Roll Fresh Mozzarella is all- natural with no preservatives, made with generations-old techniques that maintain both flavor and texture.  Unwrap & Roll is the inspiration for BelGioioso’s Prosciutto Roll, another recently introduced product that features a sheet of Fresh Mozzarella rolled with aged prosciutto and fresh basil, ready to slice and serve.


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