New from BelGioioso Cheese: Imported Cŭbéddū Pecorino Romano

According to a press release, “For American palates that seek a less-salty alternative to traditional Pecorino Romano comes a new product to American shores, imported exclusively by BelGioioso Cheese, Inc.:  CÅ­béddÅ«™ Pecorino Romano, hand-crafted in Italy from the richest sheep’s milk in Sardinia.  Containing 25 percent less sodium than other brands, this premium Pecorino Romano has a tantalizing aroma and robust, pleasing flavor that makes it perfect for eating as a table cheese and for use in a broader range of recipes than its saltier counterparts.”

“Crafted by one of the largest and oldest Pecorino Romano-producing families in Sardinia for three generations, CÅ­béddÅ« Pecorino Romano offers “an opportunity for customers to try something different and enjoy a piece of Sardinian history at the same time,” says producer Alessandro CÅ­béddÅ«.  “It’s ideal for everyone who likes a versatile cheese with a pleasant, slightly strong flavor.”  CÅ­béddÅ« Pecorino Romano is produced using a combination of state-of-the-art equipment and time-honored cheesemaking techniques.  Each wheel is aged a minimum of eight months on wood shelves, where it is brushed and turned by hand.

For the first time, a Pecorino Romano can be savored as a table cheese, enjoyed alone or as an integral component of a distinctive cheese plate.  Serve cubes of CÅ­béddÅ« with nuts and fruits such as almonds, fresh pears and apple slices along with honey, and accompany with a passito (an Italian wine made from grapes that have been dried to concentrate their juice).  As a cooking cheese, CÅ­béddÅ« has a wide variety of applications:  Shred or grate over pastas or salads or melt into oven-baked pastas and atop pizzas and grilled vegetables.  CÅ­béddÅ« is also perfect for raviolis and other filled and rolled pastas.” 

“CÅ­béddÅ« Pecorino Romano, imported exclusively by BelGioioso under the CÅ­béddÅ« label, is available in whole wheels, ¼ wheels, retail exact and random weight cuts, 5 oz. grated and shredded cups, and 5 pound grated and shredded foodservice bags.”


“BelGioioso Cheese, Inc., specializes in all-natural, classic Italian and handcrafted cheeses exclusively produced in Wisconsin. Participating in the rich, long heritage of cheesemaking in Wisconsin, the company is family owned and operated and nestles itself in the green pastures of the northeast region of the state. For product information, recipes or product samples, please contact BelGioioso Cheese at (877) 863-2123 or visit”