There are two major issues facing operators in food service and refrigeration today: “Food Safety and Energy Costs!” Weiss Instruments introduces the Walk-in Alarm and Light Manager, Model XWA, which deals with those two issues in an easy to use and economical package.

First, customers can be certain that the temperature inside their walk-in stays in the safe zone by indicating either a High or Low Temperature condition with a visual Alarm and Pulsing Buzzer. To prevent false alarms a built in adjustable delay is included. A door open alarm keeps the cold inside where it belongs. A relay contact is included for outboard signaling to an external buzzer, lights or optional phone dialer. The temperature probe can be extended up to 300ft for large room or warehouses.

With the cost of energy is not going down anytime soon, the Light Management System will automatically turn the lights ON when you open the door and the “AUTO-OFF” feature shuts off the light after an adjustable time delay. That feature in combination with the door open alarm solves the two biggest energy wasters, leaving the light on and the door open! The XWA does meet the new proposed ‘08 Federal Standards for Walk-in’s (sec. 342G).

Accurate digital temperature indication, with “product sense” update display more reflects product temperature response, instead of fluctuating air temps.

The XWA can be ordered from walk-in OEM’s and is available from wholesalers and ISE members. For more information contact: Weiss Instruments @ 631-207-1200 or



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