According to, “Zpizza, a health-conscious, Laguna Beach-based pizza chain, says it has dramatically increased brand awareness by using GoRecommend, a Facebook application that drives retail location traffic by turning customer experiences into a marketing tool. GoRecommend was engineered by Empathica Inc., a provider of Customer Experience Management solutions to international brands.”  
“GoRecommend uses an automated referral process: After customers complete a retail experience survey, the GoRecommend engine prompts those who were happy with their experience to make an online recommendation on Facebook. The location-specific content will automatically appear on both a brand’s Facebook fan page and a user’s profile page.By using GoRecommend, leading U.S. companies like zpizza have already seen an average of more than 5,000 positive brand impressions generated daily,” according to a press release from Empathica. Now Mike Amos, president and CEO of Empathica, and Chris Bright, CEO of zpizza, will host a complimentary webinar next Wednesday to introduce the possibilities of the tools to others.”

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