New DETECTO RP30 Series Pizza Ingredient Scales Offer Quick Return on Investment

DETECTO’s new RP30 series digital pizza ingredient scales with 360-degree rotating stainless steel platforms increase productivity and decrease ingredient costs by allowing food prep to be performed directly on the scale while weighing each stage of the process plus providing the total weight of the food item. The RP30 series is designed for pizza kitchens and pays for itself quickly by reducing production time and eliminating costly excess ingredient expenses.  

DETECTO’s RP30 series features a 30 lb capacity by 0.1 oz accuracy and choice of either 17-inch-wide by 13-inch-deep rectangular or 13-inch-diameter round stainless steel USA-made platforms. Other features include backlit LCD displaying pounds and ounces, weight accumulator memory to store the weights of total ingredients being used, and built-in rechargeable battery and AC adapter (included). The RP30 series works by simply pressing the Tare key for the weight of each ingredient’s layer after reaching individual target weights, then removing the finished product from the scale to view the total weight of the food item. Consistent portioning during food prep helps eliminate overages to reduce overhead costs in busy kitchens.