Never Miss a Call with Unified Office

Unified Office’s Total Connect Now and patented Visual Performance Suite-managed communication service shone a bright light on its quick-service restaurant (QSR) customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the pandemic, carryout, takeout and delivery became virtually the only eat-out options for consumers, and, to this day, QSRs rely heavily on phone orders. Pizza stores receive 70% of their revenue (peak order calls) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Missed order calls are quite common and represent lost store revenue. But Unified Office’s process captures those peak calls and delivers increased customer revenues!

“It’s just the simple fact of never having a busy signal,” says John Roy, co-owner of Pizza 911, a six-store independent pizzeria operation in New Hampshire. “When you see it in action, it’s unreal. Our revenue loss was outrageous because we were missing so many calls.”

Using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), real-time monitoring and an in-store “Wallboard” display of key performance indicators to restaurant staff, Unified Office helps pizza operators capture more revenue from the inside out. Note that a single Pizza 911 store saw its annual revenue increase by 70% and is capable of handling a record 14 concurrent calls, thanks to Unified Office’s operational optimization.

“It allows us to go in and see how many calls we’re getting and measure how soon we’re answering the calls,” explains Shane Switser, owner of The Pizza Man in Lyndonville, Vermont. “We were missing a lot of calls that we didn’t realize we were missing.” The single-store pizzeria increased its annual sales by 35%. “Unified Office is much more than a phone system,” Switzer says. “It’s a sales tool and has helped me increase my business this year, and I couldn’t have done this without them.”

From its patented Higher Quality Routing Protocol, which provides crystal-clear call quality, to its automatic broadband failover system that avoids outage revenue losses and its real-time reporting for both store managers and owners, Unified Office helps pizzeria owners increase operational effectiveness and revenue growth for operations of all sizes. 

Try testing for missed calls. Call your own store(s) at multiple peak order times and on peak days and count the calls it takes to connect. Multiply that number by your average ticket. Then invest in a service that increases operational effectiveness and helps capture all peak revenue! 

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