Some purists allege (wrongly, PMQ believes) that pineapple has no place as a pizza topping. But what about juicing up a soda? Little Caesars and Pepsi have done it before, and they’re doing it again this summer.

The two brands recently announced the return of Pepsi Pineapple, which is available exclusively at Little Caesars for a limited time only. But now customers can enjoy even more of the tropical flavor in a new, one-of-a-kind 20-ounce bottle.

Following last summer’s success, the limited-edition flavor returned to Little Caesars on July 1 for a second year. Customers can get a Pepsi Pineapple and an order of the chain’s Crazy Puffs for just $4.99. They simply have to enter the promo code PINEAPPLE at checkout to get the special deal, which runs through July 14.

“Little Caesars fans love coming in for exclusive flavors they can’t get anywhere else,” Greg Hamilton, the chain’s chief marketing officer, said. “We saw that last year within the first week of releasing Pepsi Pineapple in restaurants.”

Little Caesars released Crazy Puffs, a handheld mini-pizza wrapped in a crust cup, in March 2024. They’re available in two flavors—pepperoni and cheese—with each Crazy Puff receiving a drizzle of buttery garlic flavor and a dusting of Italian herbs and spices.

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