10 Pint-Sized Inventors Will Tempt Their Taste Buds in Nestle’s Top Secret Flavor Lab

OAKLAND, Calif., April 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — To celebrate the cool science behind flavor development, Nestle Ice Cream is inviting kids across the nation to try out for a chance to be a “Flavorologist for a Day.” Ten of the most “flavorful” kids in the U.S.A. will scoop up an all-expenses paid trip to visit the top secret flavor lab (closed to the public!) at the Nestle Ice Cream factory in Southern California where they will sample one of the tastiest jobs in America. In addition to a behind-the-scenes tour, each child will have an opportunity to learn the fun science behind frozen pops, put their taste buds to the test on a variety of outlandish flavors (including a spaghetti & meatballs frozen pop!) and sample their very own flavor creations.

How often do a tasteful personality and a desire to create a one-of-a-kind frozen pop land you a dream job? Fortunately, Nestle Ice Cream is looking for kids who have these or similar sweet credentials to learn the tricks-of-the-trade from the Nestle flavor team.

“We are delighted to offer pint-sized inventors a hands-on opportunity to dream up their own frozen pop creations,” said John Harrison, Official Taster for Nestle Ice Cream. “The frozen pop was actually invented in 1905 by an 11 year old boy so we are looking forward to seeing what this generation’s crop of kids concoct.”

Beginning April 3, 2007, kids are invited to try out for their chance to be a “Flavorologist for a Day” by 1) submitting their idea for the world’s coolest frozen pop (including a clever name, an interesting shape and a unique flavor description) and 2) a “flavorful” resume explaining why they are qualified for the position. Contestants must be residents of the United States and between the ages of 6-12. Kids can enter at http://www.icecream.com/ or by sending their submission to: Flavorologist for a Day, Nestle Ice Cream, 5929 College Avenue, Oakland, CA 94618. All entries must be postmarked by July 27, 2007.

Ten winners will be selected (based on the creativity, originality, enthusiasm and appeal of their entries) and notified the week of August 20, 2007. In November 2007, each winner (and up to three family members) will be invited on an all-expenses paid trip to the Nestle Ice Cream Factory in Bakersfield, California to try their hands (and taste buds!) at being a flavorologist for a day. Each pint-sized Flavorologist will also receive a $1000 U.S. Savings Bond and a year’s supply of Nestle frozen snacks, as well as a special batch of their winning frozen pop creation.

Last year’s (2006) winning flavors were:

BANANASAURUS REX BLAST (Nicholas M., 7 years old, Roselle Park, NJ) – Are you a frozen-pop-ivore? You will be. This creamy banana pop is covered in a chocolate shell and dusted with cherry pop rocks for a dino-blast of flavor in every bite.

NOT JUST A NUTTER POP (Bradley R, 10 years old, Claverack, NY) – Here’s one nutty idea: a frozen pop made with twirled peanut butter and marshmallow then covered with chocolate and rolled in peanuts. There’s nuttin’ like it.

BEE STING (Bradley S., 11 years old, Penfield, NY) – Here’s the Bee Sting buzz: a swirl of two different flavors-sweet honey and sour lemon. Will you taste sweet honey or will your tongue get stung by super sour lemon? Every lick is a surprise.

PINK PRINCESS FLUFF (Abri-Elle P., 7 years old, Lawrenceville, GA) – Let them eat frozen pops. You’ll feel like royalty each time you bite into this pop’s rich strawberry flavor, whipped cream and fanciful sparkles. It’s better than having your own tiara.

VERY CHERRY SODA FLOAT (William B., 12 years old, Tucson, AZ) – If the super taste of cherry is what floats your boat then set sail with this frozen pop treat. Made with cherry soda, vanilla and bits of real cherry … it’s a wave of cherry-licious flavor.

LEMON MERINGUE O TANG (Steven S., 10 years old, Lebanon, TN) – You’ll go ape for the wild taste of this frozen pop. Yellow like a lemon meringue pie with bits of pie crust, it has a super tangy flavor that’ll have you swinging from the rafters.

KETTLE KORN POP (Rachael S., 8 years old, New York, NY) – Forget the greasy bucket of popcorn. Enjoy a special treat that will make your taste buds pop with excitement. Inside is a mystery mix of yellowy goodness that tastes buttery, salty and sweet … outside is a thick layer of brown caramel.

PIZZA POP (Bradley H., 10 years old, Denham Springs, LA) – Want a treat that delivers? This pepperoni and cheese-flavored frozen pop combines your favorite meal with your favorite dessert. Have your friends over for a Pizza Pop Party.

SNICKERDOODLE DANDY (Alexis B., 7 years old, Virginia Beach, VA) – Uncle Sam wants you … to enjoy the fun taste of this All-American creation. Made with creamy vanilla, bursts of swirled cinnamon and bits of homemade snickerdoodle, it’s a star-spangled treat.

SUPER S’MORE ON A STICK (Hailey M., Arlington, TX, 8 years old) – You don’t need to pitch a tent to enjoy this tasty treat. Inside you’ll find marshmallow swirled in rich vanilla with graham cracker pieces. On the outside, rich, creamy chocolate. The super s’more is inside out!


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