NESTLÉ® HOT COCOA Innovates Packaging with Contemporary Adult Appeal, Added Convenience, and NESTLÉ Nutritional Compass

Glendale, California – NESTLÉ PROFESSIONALTM has given the number one foodservice brand of hot cocoa a packaging makeover that’s sure to broaden the product’s appeal to adults and build sales.  While 79% of cocoa drinkers are adults, most hot cocoa is perceived to appeal to children.  The NESTLÉ HOT COCOA MIX packaging innovation features enticing graphics, the new NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL Nutritional Compass™, which quickly conveys the product’s strong nutritionals, and convenient single-serve dispensing.


NESTLÉ HOT COCOA MIX is the perfect change of pace from caffeinated beverages. It contains natural antioxidants and has 35% less sugar and lower calories than the competitive brands. In blind taste tests, it was preferred over the leading competitors, so it’s no wonder that NESTLÉ HOT COCOA MIX enjoys the biggest share of the out-of-home cocoa market. 


The new NESTLÉ HOT COCOA MIX packaging stands upright, taking up less room on the counter.  The carton display has an opening at the bottom for single serve dispensing and features updated graphics, resulting in better merchandising.


With NESTLÉ HOT COCOA MIX, operators can offer a healthful, delicious chocolate beverage at only pennies per cup.  With the focus on comfort foods, now’s the time to build your beverage sales and profits with the familiar flavor of the number one foodservice hot chocolate brand, NESTLÉ.  For more information, visit



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