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Neighborhood Italian eatery delivers

According to a news report from, “Some people have compared the architecture in Prague neighborhoods to that of Milan, Italy. Whether or not that is true, the number of Italian eateries popping up like portabella mushrooms throughout the city do help to highlight whatever resemblance there might be.”

“In the Czech capital’s working class Vršovice nieghborhood, La Torretta Pizzeria opened this spring. The restaurant’s interior boasts the colors of Tuscany in its burnt terra cotta orange and golden wheat colored walls and its tiled floors. We half expected to hear the sounds of a Puccini opera floating through the air,” said the story. “With no reservations, five of us showed up at the restaurant and were promptly seated at a large table midway toward the back of the restaurant. In addition to a fairly well-rounded menu of traditional main courses and starters, the menu listed 32 pizza possibilities, with 33 additional optional ingredients. Faced with what for Prague is a wealth of choices, we bought some time and opted for melanzane con mozzarella al forno—a starter of grilled eggplant, peppers and onions served with two slabs of garlic bread (Kč 99/€ 3.60) and ordered a bottle of Delle Venezie 2006 merlot and bottles of water (Kc 25). Wine by the bottle ranges from Kč 176 for Poggiovero Bianco, a dry white wine, to Kč 1,366 for Soloschiraz, a dry red. With the exception of sparkling wine from Bohemia, most of the selection is from Italy.”

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