Naya water: 50% recycled packaging, bottles now have a second life

According to a press release, Packaging represents roughly 30% of the value of consumer products and up to 60% of what you throw away. This means you pay twice: once for the packaging as part of the purchased product, and again for disposal.


We have all heard or read numerous times that in the U.S. more than 20 billion plastic water bottles are discarded each year, with only 25%  being recycled and the rest ending up in landfills.  


Naya is committed to help find a solution.


From July 2009, Naya became the first and only water company to use at least 50% post-consumer recycled plastic, also called rPET (recycled polyethylene terephtalate), in its bottles. rPET, comes from plastic that has already been used: it is totally safe for use in food products and is FDA approved. After it is collected, this plastic is sorted, cleaned and transformed so that it can be reused. Therefore the bottles you recycle get a second life by becoming part of Naya bottles. Today, recycled plastic costs more than new plastic. but Naya water is happy to make this investment, to help improve the environmental footprint of its products.


This revolutionary step is a new effort in Naya’s long commitment to promote recycling. As early on as 2006, Naya used half of its packaging label space to promote recycling. NAYA is also a pioneer in recycling initiatives and is a proud founding partner of TRHF (Table pour la récupération hors foyer) a non-for-profit organization that finances recycling projects in public areas in Canada.    



NAYA water originates in the wilderness, at the foot of the Canadian Laurentians Mountains, under layers and layers of natural filters of silt, sand and rock which protect the spring water from harmful bacteria and pollutants. The water that comes from this source is of exceptional quality. For more information please visit