Restaurants are making a comeback, with reservations now exceeding pre-pandemic levels. Even while coping with inflation challenges, restaurant decision-makers have a positive outlook. Patrons also have a largely upbeat attitude about their restaurant experiences today.


What’s top of mind for restaurants right now?

Restaurant decision-makers say fires are among the biggest risks facing their business today, reinforcing the importance of properly maintained fire suppression systems and regular safety training for employees.


Unexpected risks are on the horizon

New digital risks have developed in what’s traditionally thought of as a face-to-face industry:

1 in 4 restaurant decision-makers report negative online reviews to be among their biggest risks.

17% say reliance on technology is a primary risk, with potential cyber bad actors threatening both owners
and patrons.


“Made-to-order insurance” is essential for navigating today’s challenges

More than three-quarters of restaurateurs work with an insurance agent to manage their insurance needs, and they’re looking to those agents for guidance as 9 in 10 decision-makers have contacted or plan to contact their insurance agent in the next six months to discuss coverage.

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