Brandt Evans Blends Class with Heartland Cuisine in Exciting Turkey Creations

Washington D.C. – May 2007 – The National Turkey Federation (NTF) announced Brandt Evans, chef-owner of Blue Canyon Kitchen * Tavern in Twinsburg, OH, as the second “Turkey Trendsetter” of 2007. In June, marking the third anniversary of his restaurant, Chef Evans will share his experiences using turkey in the rustic, intimate atmosphere of the Blue Canyon restaurant. Every three months the popular “Trendsetter” series at provides the inside-view from a culinary professional on their successful and innovative uses of turkey.

Turkey was a natural complement to the creative American menu at Blue Canyon Kitchen * Tavern, a cozy yet classy restaurant suggestive of a mountain-lodge retreat. “We offer turkey in a lot of innovative ways and it’s something everyone is comfortable ordering,” said Chef Evans. The restaurant’s idyllic natural setting inspires Evans’ fresh, colorful, diverse dishes and turkey gives him the flexibility he needs: “Its versatility allows us to take it in so many different culinary directions.”

The Blue Canyon restaurant takes its cues from local ingredients and seasonal flavors, but turkey has a year-round menu presence. The mild taste of turkey accommodates the chef’s desire for  rich flavor blends, such as in Turkey Flat Bread: flat bread topped with maple roasted turkey, butternut squash puree, dried cranberries, goat cheese and fried sage. This recipe, as well as Chef Evans’ full interview and restaurant profile, will be available as part of the “Turkey Trendsetters” area of

Evans takes advantage of different turkey products to please customers with a familiar protein that he can easily adapt to the changing trends and seasons. Blue Canyon has also menued Turkey Burger Paninis, Turkey Meatballs and Turkey Mousse with a Sour Cherry Gastrique. Evans finds that turkey satisfies nutrition-savvy customers as well, “Having a healthier option for our customer is showing we care and listen to their needs.”

“It is clear that Chef Evans is committed to ensuring that customers fully experience and savor the spirit of their meal – his creative, specialty turkey dishes embody the richness and comfort of Blue Canyon,” comments Sherrie Rosenblatt, NTF’s vice president of marketing and communication. “Evans’ fluid and seasonal menu exemplifies the adaptability and wide-appeal of turkey products.”

The cedar interior warmed by large fireplaces at Blue Canyon Kitchen * Tavern creates an inviting, rustic retreat. The restaurant includes six distinct dining rooms, and serves an impressive 45,000 tables per month. Fresh ingredients, honest flavors and the panoramic views of the landscape, bridge the dining experience with the outdoors.

To access the “Turkey Trendsetter” information, visit the homepage and click on the “Turkey Trendsetter” image.


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