National Restaurant Association Statement on House Passage of the Farm Bill

Washington, DC) – The National Restaurant Association today released the following statement after the House passed the Farm Bill Extension Act of 2007 by a vote of 231-191:  “We are pleased that’s today House-passed farm bill includes two provisions of importance to the restaurant industry.  The bill makes changes to the produce marketing agreement that strengthens the produce industry’s commitments to food safety.   While this is an encouraging step forward, the National Restaurant Association strongly urges Congress to go further with mandatory regulations for the industry and will continue working towards further defining and assuring implementation of scientifically sound food safety management practices along the produce supply chain.  Incorporating guiding principles into the regulatory framework is a good base on which restaurant operators can work towards an industry standard for confidently buying, receiving, storing and serving safe produce to the 132 million Americans who are foodservice patrons on a typical day.” 

“Additionally, the bill includes an increased focus on cellulosic ethanol production and research, which is more energy efficient to produce and does not come from food products as some alternative fuels do.” 

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