According to the Guardian, NASA spent $125,000 to figure out how astronauts can eat pizza on missions. 

"When Quartz broke the news that the agency offered a grant to Systems & Materials Research Corporation to build a prototype of a 3D food printer in only six months, the natural question was related to the type of food the company would make, but pizza proved to be a handy meal thanks to the fact that it can be printed in different layers," The Guardian reports. "NASA is going to spend $125,000 on a pizza printer designed by Anjan Contractor, a mechanical engineer at the company hired to feed astronauts with pizza. Contractor’s proposal shows that although the pizza printer is still in phase one, it could revolutionize astronauts’ meals. According to NASA’s Advanced Food Technology Project, space flight crews must be provided with nutritious, safe and acceptable food, which is important not only because it offers nutrition, but also because it increases the psychological well-being of the crew thanks to the feeling of a familiar environment.

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