Naples Drizzle, a California company that manufactures pizza/pasta toppings (finishing oils), which are made with 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) & premium chili peppers, launched its small .8 oz (24mL) bottle at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas.  The small bottles are intended to be displayed on a 12-bottle display rack, located at pizzerias’ POS locations – adding another revenue source for owners.

“Our small bottles will be an add-on item, as customers are paying their bills,” said General Manager Davey Parker.  “Customers will see the display rack as they are paying, and those customers who like heat on their pizzas will have a strong curiosity to give it a try.  And, once they do that, they’ll get hooked.”

The benefit of selling the small bottles, according to Parker, is not only can a pizzeria add revenue, but it will also save the expense of giving away crushed red pepper, while providing its customers with a premium heat product that’s designed for Italian food.

Naples Drizzle’s finishing oils are different than other ‘infused’ oils, as they actually contain the peppers mixed with the oils.  The two flavors offered are EVOO & Chipotle Pepper (medium) and EVOO & Red Pepper (hot), and both flavors come in small .8 oz (24mL) bottles or larger 8.1 oz (240mL) bottles.

“The 8.1 oz (240mL) bottles come with a dual-flow spout – a very efficient spout to get just the right drizzle,” Parker said.  “These can be used by chefs and food servers as a finishing drizzle, or placed in the dining room, to be used by customers.

“Our customers will tell you, ‘There’s not a better tasting heat topping than Naples Drizzle for pizza or pasta,’” Parker said.  “That’s why we truly are The Italian Hot Sauce!”

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