Napizza: Roman-Style Pizza in the Spotlight

You'll love this video that demonstrates how the passion of a pizzeria's owners can move hearts, minds and product. That’s the message from’s recent Napizza profile video featuring San Diego’s fast-growing destination spot for trending Roman-Style Pizza Al Taglio.



PMQ staff traveled to the beautiful Southern California coast in July to highlight NAPIZZA and its Best-in-San Diego-voted pan-baked pies. At the same time, video sponsor Polselli Flour was recognized as the top-shelf foundation for NAPIZZA’s airy squares of authentic traditional Roman goodness. The slices, topped with farm-to-table produced meats, cheeses and vegetables, are showcased in NAPIZZA’s rapidly replenished glass serving shelves. From there, the squares are scooped up and served by smiling, sharply motivated staff. Leading the NAPIZZA team are Roman-bred owners Christopher Antinucci and Giulia Colmignoli, life partners who are determined to spread their Roman-style pizza heritage to health-conscious San Diego slice by slice.

The NAPIZZA vibe feels almost like a chatty community market. In their on-camera interview, the pizza entrepreneurs relate their passion for Roman-style pizza, top-quality suppliers like Italy-based Polselli, the local California farmers with whom they work closely, and, most of all, their loyal employees. The attractive, sun-kissed couple share a tangible connection that jumps through your video screen. “We came to the States because I fell in love with Chris,” says Colmignoli. “Passion is everything—in pizza and in life.”

 Video sponsor Polselli is thrilled to share that passione with NAPIZZA while featuring the video in major ad campaigns. “They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this video checks in at least 10,000,” says Alex Manzo, vice president of Manzo Food Sales, which distributes Polselli Flour in the U.S. “Results of both videos (PMQ shot a previous promotional Polselli video in spring 2016) have been unbelievable. The latest video featuring NAPIZZA has such an honest feel. We’re looking to grow the Polselli brand and, with the help of PMQ’s PizzaTV, we anticipate nothing but success.”

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