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Mystery person protects Mo. pizza place from looters

According to WUSA9, the owner of the Papa John's pizza restaurant on West Florissant in Dellwood is interested in learning who protected his business from looters Monday night.

"John O'Donnell was emailed a link to a YouTube video Tuesday that shows a mystery person confronting a man trying to break into the business," WUSA9 said. "The interaction begins around the 1:10 mark. You can see the person walk up behind a man trying to break a window. The person touches his arm before saying something to him. The masked man turns away from the mystery person and appears to say something while pointing his finger. Another man walks up as the first one backs away, and starts yelling at the mystery person. The video cuts away and when it begins again the mystery person is standing, talking to both men, who appear agitated. The masked man kicks the window beside the mystery person, and eventually pushes the mystery person into the building."

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Meanwhile, according to, a Little Caesars that was destroyed during the riots is benefiting from crowd funding in order to keep its employees paid through the holidays.