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My Kind of Pizza, Chicago Is

According to Seattle Weekly, “This week, Jason Sheehan uses his review of two Seattle-based purveyors of Chicago-style pizza to make one thing abundantly clear: He finds deep-dish pizza to be vastly inferior to the thin, tangy slices slung in his native New York. The crux of Sheehan’s argument is that Chicago-style pizza isn’t even pizza; rather, it’s essentially a giant tomato and cheese sandwich, with way too much bread.”

“Don’t get me wrong: I like thin slices. But the only thing that disqualifies a pizza from being pizza is the presence of broccoli on it. (Someone in our office actually ordered a pizza with broccoli on it today. Shame on her.) And for my money, I’ll take Chicago–the city and the pizza–over New York any night (or morning!) of the week.”