Convenience is a huge factor in deciding what to eat. Big chains have capitalized on this feature of human psychology by creating seamless mobile ordering apps. But for the majority of mom-and-pops in America’s heartland, developing an app isn’t economically viable. The one proven way Mspark has found to get more clients to your business is through direct mail campaigns that offer a specific call to action. In their 30 years of business, Mspark has found shared direct mail to be highly effective in generating sales, particularly outside of mega-metropolises where urbanites receive flyers and special offers daily.

What is shared direct mailing? This is a special-offers package that households receive once a month. Your mailing goes out with other offers in your area, lowering the cost of postage for everyone. And although the offers are bundled, Mspark will work close with you to identity only the households that are most likely to respond. They begin by scoring your geographic area with demographics of the people living there, including “how likely are they to dine out,” etc. and then saturating your market with call-to-action pieces

Today Mspark delivers to 24 million households every month, and the results have been astounding. “One local pizza shop was able to increase its sales by 59% after a single mailing and gain 150 new customers.  Another client was able to get back $5 for every $1 they spent on their campaign.  We have studied it extensively, and we know shared direct mail works,” says Shannon Vann, Marketing Director at Mspark.

Mspark is so confident that convenience drives sales, they make it easy for their customers too. They are a full-service agency ready to help any scale store with each step of the way. “We have a team of marketing consultants, graphic artists and results analysts to help you maximize your ROI. If you’re a franchisee, we can help ensure your mailing campaign complies with brand standards,” says Vann. 

Mspark knows they succeed when you succeed, and the most effective way they have found to drive sales is using wraps. A wrap is an 8 1/5” by 11” piece that goes around the other shared mail pieces. 

Special for this feature in PMQ, Mspark is offering a “buy 3 get 1 free” deal on wraps.  Visit to take advantage of this offer or call 888-612-5711.


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