Motor City Pizza and Prevention

Detroit, MI – October 13, 2010 – Toarmina’s Pizza aims to utilize its pizzerias to give back to the Detroit metro region as they form a partnership with adjacent Detroit Area Fire Departments.  Toarmina’s Pizza, will discount their signature 24” pizza to $15.99 ($5.00 Discount).  100% of the profits from every pizza sold will go to fire prevention.   The day-long event is planned for Wednesday October 27, 2010 thru out Southeast Michigan and on October 26, 2010 in New Boston.

Firefighters from area companies will assist in preparing and delivering the pizzas.  Upon delivery firefighters will offer fire safety tips to the residents and test smoke alarms.  A complimentary smoke detector will be supplied to homes in need, limit one per household.  Residents with smoke detectors lacking batteries, or with dead batteries, will be provided a fresh battery free of charge courtesy of the local fire departments.

In Taylor every 10th Pizza will be delivered via fire truck!

October is National Fire Prevention Month.  Lou Toarmina, president and founder of Tourmina’s Pizza stated, “We wanted to do something distinct for National Pizza Month by reaching out to the community.” Toarmina worked with area franchisees and fire companies to develop the promotion.  “We all share a commitment to the community and we wanted to make this a win-win event for everyone.”  Those who are unable to attend the event on October 27rd will still be able to purchase a Pizza and Prevention card for a 24” pizza to be used at a later date.  ”We realize that not everyone will be able to eat pizza on that day, so we have come up with the coupon card concept so that customers can still take advantage of the discount, be safe and a further donation can be made to the fire companies.”

“Many homes in Westland either do not have any smoke alarms, not enough smoke alarms, alarms that are too old, or alarms that are not working,” says Fire Chief Michael J. Reddy Jr. “We want residents to understand that working smoke alarms are needed in every home, on every level (including the basement), outside each sleeping area and inside each bedroom. And, if a smoke alarm is 10 years old or older, it needs to be replaced.”

To get a head-start on fire prevention month, here are a few fire safety tips:

• Practice fire drills at home.

• Check batteries in smoke detectors.

• Stay low in smoke.

• Choose an emergency meeting place.

• Never play with fire.

About Toarmina’s Pizza:  Since 1987, Toarmina’s has been selling their authentic Itailan pizza with an American twist in the state of Michigan.  The company currently has 15 locations in Southeastern Michigan.  Additional company information can be found at

About National Fire Prevention Month:   Information can be found at  and