Missouri Domino's owners lobby House member while making pizzas

Two Springfield, Missouri-area Domino's pizza franchisees put some pizza-making pressure on their local U.S. House representative August 25,hoping to influence him of menu-labeling legislation.

The Springfield News-Leader reports Art Hurteau and Marty Prather, who co-own 13 Dominosstores in the Springfield area, hosted U.S. Rep Billy Long at their Bolivar, Missouri, restaurant. They'relobbying Long on a bill that would exempt pizzerias from federal rules requiring chains to display calorieinformationon in-store menu boards. Hurteau and Prather showed Longhow to make pizzas. The Missouri pie-makers agree with industry colleagues whosay the current calorie count mandate, which goes into effect December 1, 2016, is unfair because additional pizza toppings make accurate nutritioncounts unmanageable.

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